This tree was calling my name.

One year ago. Driving down the highway in Sioux Falls South Dakota, I passed this bright yellow tree on the right in someones front yard. I got about a mile down the road when I got the urge to go back. I turned around, parked my car in the driveway, laid on the ground by their front door and took this picture. I don't think the homeowner ever saw me. I should send him a print.

Shooting a time lapse of the Milky Way, I randomly captured a meteor burning up in the atmosphere.

This time lapse video I made of the Milky Way over western South Dakota captures a meteor burning up after hitting the atmosphere. The clip has gone crazy since I posted it yesterday, the video has been viewed 500,000 times, was on the front page of Reddit, and I've been hit up by licensing companies that work with National Geographic and Discovery Channel about licensing the clip for commercial use. I guess what was captured is a pretty rare occurence. A very exciting turn of events!

4 days filming in western South Dakota w/ Passenger Productions

I recently accepted a position as a director with Passenger Productions. Passenger's mission statement is this: We craft documentary and narrative films for major non-profits, leading businesses, and ourselves. Not an advertising company, we are award-winning filmmakers. We tell stories to clarify, change and challenge.

This is a great opportunity for me to continue to grow as an artist and visual story teller. These guys are some of the best in the business and I'm excited to learn from them and honored to be part of the Passenger team. Check out some of their recent work below. 

Last week we spent 4 days in the Black Hills of South Dakota filming and gathering content for 3 different mini-documentaries that will be released in 2015. We got to spend time in Custer, Hills City, Spearfish and Rapid City, we spent an afternoon at an incredible animal sanctuary and shot time lapses at sunset and sunrise from the roof top of Rapid City's tallest building. It was a beautiful time of year to spend in Wester South Dakota and I snapped a ton of behind the scenes photos in between filming.