celebrating the unofficial 2 year anniversary of picking up a camera.

2 and half years ago my life changed drastically. My wife and I had a daughter. We named her Jonah and she's amazing. Not long after Jonah came into our lives another event caused a big change in my life, I picked up a camera, fell in love with it, and started to seriously pursue photography. The two events have gone hand in hand for me. Jonah has been the subject in many of my photographs and in a large way I learned how to use my camera by taking pictures of her. To celebrate the unofficial anniversary of my discovery of photography, we went out into our back yard right before bedtime and I let her run around for a while. It was very spur of the moment, like most of the photographs I take are. We're at the point now that Jonah will yell for me to "get your camera!" when she sees something that interests her. I love that. I look forward to watching and documenting her life as she grows up. I've made a promise to myself that she's gonna have one hell of a baby book.