R.I.P. to this old tree.

I drove down this dirt road the other day and I noticed something was missing. THE TREE! It was gone, chopped down to a stump. I'm really glad I got off my ass and went to take this picture a few months ago. It only strengthens my view that If I have a gut feeling and know a picture is there to be made, that I should act on it immediately because I probably won't get a second chance to capture it.

Lorde have mercy

I didn't have a press pass to shoot Lorde at Coachella, but I was determined to get a few pictures of her. During her set, I ducked behind a fence when security was turned away and crawled under the stage for about 10 feet where I found a place to pop up next to the main speakers on the right. I started snapping some pictures from there when I felt a hand grab my shoulder. The security guard asked me what the hell I was doing and told me nobody was allowed to be in that area. I showed him my artist pass and told him I was photographing another bands set that day and I just wanted to get a few pictures. He said I could only shoot from the photo pit and he escorted me through the gates right to the front of the stage. It was exactly the place I wanted to go but couldn't get to because I didn't have photo credentials. My plan worked perfectly. It was awesome.